Debuting in 1958 by joining a duo called the Lana Sisters, and two years later forming the trio The Springfields with her brother Tom and Reshad Felid, Dusty Springfield began her career as a solo artist in 1963, remaining in popular consciousness as one of the most talented pop singers of all times. Her vast discography and many performances, as well as her television programs, are credited for introducing soul music to the British audience and thereby strongly influencing the industry of her time. Her prolific recordings included singles in French, Italian and German, which helped promote her music abroad.

Besides her career as a recording artist, Dusty Springfield was also involved in television programs, as the presenter or host of four different shows during the 1960s. In 1965 she presented ”The Sound of Motown”, to later be offered a program of her own entitled Dusty, which ran in 1966 and 1967. In 1968, another regular program followed, known as ”It Must Be Dusty” and finally, in 1969, she hosted ”Decidedly Dusty”, investing substantial time and energy into a demanding schedule. The programs she was involved in are remembered as very popular.

As a recording artist she is remembered not only for her raw talent but also her assiduousness and perfectionism, which lead to intense work for any musical piece she recorded. She also produced various songs she never took credit for. Working with Philips Records for the most of her career, and later other internationally famous labels, she took the initiative of making sure her songs were always recorded with the best possible acoustics in order to obtain the highest sound quality. Throughout her career she worked with producers such as Johnny Franz, Kenneth Gamble, Leon Huff, Ellie Greenwich and many more. Her partnership with Johnny Franz remained the most prolific and resulted in a few successful albums, some of which she coproduced.